Our revolutionary cooling vest is lab-proven to triple metabolism, and can helps you:

  • Burn calories by activating brown fat
  • Lower blood glucose
  • Preserve & build muscle
  • Improve longevity
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How Does the Cool Fat Burner Work?

Activate Brown Fat

Brown Apidose Tissue (BAT), or Brown Fat, is a special fat found in most mammals. When you wear the Cool Fat Burner, you lower your body temperature and activates Brown Fat, which burns away regular, white fat in order to generate heat.

Within days, you’ll see a reduction in the white fat around your hips, stomach, legs, and other areas as BAT continues to target and reduce the amount of accumulated fat which helps you lose weight!

Actual PET scan of Cool Fat Burner user

Lowers Blood Glucose

Insulin resistance, a condition associated with obesity, heart disease & diabetes, causes your cells to reject nutrients like glucose, which your body’s uses to produce fuel, muscle growth, and more.

Thermogenesis with the Cool Fat Burner induces “cold stress” which overrides insulin resistance and facilitates the usage of nutrients by cells instead of those nutrients being stored as fat. The Cool Fat Burner helps guide nutrients to where they are needed most in the body, which keeps you running like a well-oiled machine!

Builds Muscle

Thermogenesis with the The Cool Fat Burner is shown to increase your body’s level of Adiponectin by a whopping 62% – in just TWO hours!

The Hormone Adiponectin can increase mitochondrial density within your muscle cells which can greatly enhance muscular size, strength and endurance. The Cool Fat Burner provides a burst of good-for-you hormones which lets your muscles grow stronger, faster.

Improves Longevity

When used correctly, The Cool Fat Burner has the ability to safely induce “cold stress” which naturally improves cellular cleanup by removing “junk cells” while also inhibiting the production of free radicals in mitochondria which can result in fewer mutated genes, and a healthier body.

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How Does the Cool Fat Burner Do it?

The Only Scientifically-Backed Cooling Vest

Cold Thermogenesis with the Cool Fat Burner flips the switch on Brown Fat which helps replicate a process similar to what occurs during a bear’s hibernation. The cold stimuli induces brown fat’s heat generation abilities. In order for it to create this heat, it must use energy which we typically store as white fat!

Triple Calorie Burn Testing at UC San Diego Lab

Through the use of Indirect Calorimetry technologies and a controlled laboratory environment at UC San Diego, Cool Fat Burner has demonstrated a unique ability to drastically increase calorie burning unlike any other device on the market.

While under low intensities, The Cool Fat Burner has the potential to boost calorie burning by 230% compared to your resting metabolic rate.

During a “high intensity” session, we have seen energy expenditure increases of 300%! Even following the high intensity session, calorie burn during recovery was over 150% of baselines – all just from wearing the Cool Fat Burner!

Activating Brown Fat is Critical to Weight Loss

Remember, brown fat is more closely related to muscle tissue than troublesome, white fat cells.

PET scans like this are used to help show the activation of deeper-lying muscle in the body, like brown fat. The Cool Fat Burner Coverage image demonstrates just how much brown fat is activated after only one hour of using the Cool Fat Burner!

The Cool Fat Burner is uniquely designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals quickly and safely through the use of proprietary technology and comprehensive research.

So, do you see your weight slowly climbing up the scale? Do you have pain or fatigue which keeps you from feeling your best?

STOP IT COLD with the Cool Fat Burner.
See jaw-dropping results in a matter of days WITHOUT changing your diet or impacting your daily routine

Start Feeling Better

What is Cold Thermogenesis?

NIH-Backed Weight-Loss Technology

Cold Thermogenesis, or CT, is a new, cutting-edge field in health, fitness & weight loss. It is the practice of strategically applying cold stimulus in order to induce a variety of stunningly positive changes to your health, physiology and body composition!

Backed by organizations such as the National Institue of Health (NIH) and the international health journal Nature, cold thermogenesis has been proven to help you lose weight faster than diet and exercise alone.

Intensive research has proven that Cold Thermogenesis can:

  • Supercharge your Metabolism upwards of 400%
  • Reduce your exercise recovery time
  • Naturally rebalance your key hormone levels
  • Improve your cellular longevity
  • Expedite calorie and fat burning
  • Supplement pain & injury management
  • Help you achieve deeper, more relaxing sleep
  • Jumpstart your immune system

Eric G.
Creator and User of
Cool Fat Burner

We’re Endorsed By The Best

From pro athletes to the average Joe, we have the
endorsements that our competitors can’t get.

“I’ve spent several years and thousand of dollars experimenting with inferior cold thermogenesis products that turned out to be little more than placebos. But after my first session with the CFB, I knew this was the REAL DEAL. This is the cold thermogenesis product that everyone has been waiting for–something clinically proven to actually induce profound cold thermogenesis and induce all the metabolic benefits that go along with that–burning off massive amounts of calories, fat loss, boosted energy, improved recovery, performance enhancement, improved thyroid hormones, and overall better body composition.

I love seeing the science to actually back up that this is the best product on the market. There’s no more wondering if it’s all just placebo effects–this thing creates powerful change, and it works fast. I use mine everyday, and I’ve noticed big improvements across the board. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.”

Ari Whitten --

#1 bestselling author of "Forever Fat Loss" and "The Low Carb Myth"

“As a triathlete, it’s easy to get caught up in a cycle of logging ‘junk miles’ to burn calories. This can be tough on the body and joints. So this is one place where cold thermogenesis comes in handy: to allow me to burn calories and maintain racing weight without actually stressing my muscles, since I can do something like put on the Cool Fat Burner vest while I’m sitting at my desk.”

Ben Greenfield --

World class athlete, bodybuilder, and triathelete
2008 America’s top personal trainer, voted by the National Strength and Conditioning Association
NY Times bestselling author "Beyond Training"
One of the "World’s top 100 most influential people in health" by Greatist

Daniel uses the Cool Fat Burner to help recover from workouts, for rest and relaxation, and to acheive a better, deeper sleep. He is #1 Light Feather Masters Black Belt and #3 Adult Light Feather Black Belt.

Daniel Beliza --

20x IBJJF medalist
3x World Champion
2015 Adult Worlds Silver Medalist
4x Pan Ams Champion

“I have found that the Cool Fat Burner has helped me not only recover quicker from workouts but my thyroid numbers are back in normal range and I have not been fatigued during or after workouts. My inflammation seems to be down and as a bonus I can run and bike in temperatures others wouldn’t dare without being uncomfortable.”

Meghan K --

Cool Fat Burner vs. Exercise

Meet Martin

Meet Martin

Martin is 185 pounds and his goal is to burn fat in the quickest and most sustainable way. He has two options: If he plays a game of basketball today, his legs will need to rest tomorrow. If he straps on the Cool Fat Burner, he could burn fat today and tomorrow!

During an intense game of basketball, Martin could lose 245 calories before needing to rest but with Cool Fat Burner he could burn 500 calories while catching up on some work or even watching a basketball game on TV!

Let's see how Cool Fat Burner stacks up against
America's most popular exercises:

Cool Fat Burner requires no effort and you don't need to rest the next day!

See for yourself why so many people are switching their gym memberships for Cool Fat Burner! No risk obligation! If you don’t see results with 60 days, return it and get 110% of your money back.

We All Saw Results—You Can Too

Eric G - Creator & User of Cool Fat Burner

MMA Fighter in the 90's
Barely Works Out Now
10-12% Body Fat

During my MMA career, I used and understood the benefits of cold thermogenesis even before it was a thing. Then I stopped working out, got fat, and was shocked to see how big I’d gotten. I knew I had to do something about it.

No cooling vests existed when I first started trying to lose weight so I invented my own. I used my first prototype for a month and lost 6lbs of fat, gained 2lbs of muscle, and all my lifts went up.

I wanted to share my success with others that had the same goals. With my groundbreaking experiments and kickass results, I knew Cool Fat Burner would grow and thrive!

2010: Eric's Realization
2011: After 1 Full Year of Exercising
2011: Just 1 Month After Starting CFB
Today: 185lbs, 10-12% Body Fat


Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt
Competes Internationally
Lost 30lbs in 1 month!

I Used the Cool Fat Burner to help cut weight…with minimal dietary or exercise changes. I also used the Cool Fat Burner for post-exercise recovery as well as chronic injury management!


Lost 16lbs in 8 weeks!
Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro

I didn’t make diet or exercise changes, but the Cool Fat Burner helped me lose over 16lbs and over 7 inches off my wait in just 8 weeks! This body transformation helped me prepare to climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro for charity.

Begin Your Own Weight-Loss Journey With
the Cool Fat Burner

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Frequently Asked Questions

The typical “starter routine” involves:

  • Safely enclosing freeze packs into the Cool Fat Burner
  • Strapping the Cool Fat Burner on top of your clothing
  • Wearing the Cool Fat burner for a 30 minute session
  • 5 to 7 days a week
  • for 4 to 6 weeks

From there, users can slowly increase intensity levels according to their cold tolerance and fat burning goals.

Absolutely! The Cool Fat Burner is safe when used as directed. Certain medical conditions require extra caution if engaging in cold thermogenesis. As with any new health routine or regiment, it is recommended that you consult your physician before use of any kind as any diet or exercise plan includes some level of risk.

Do NOT wear the Cool Fat Burner against bare skin – use only when worn over clothing. It is recommended that all users of Cool Fat Burner start by wearing several layers of clothing underneath the device before adjusting to their personal tolerance level.

The most important thing is to listen to your body! Never overwhelm your body or exert yourself beyond your unique threshold for cold. Certain regiments associated with cold thermogenesis have the potential to result in cryo-burns. Dark complexion users are especially prone to sub-dermal bruising as blood typically rushes to the skin following removal of the device. If at any time you begin to feel extreme discomfort, stop use of the Cool Fat Burner or Cool Gut Buster immediately and consult your physician!

Both the technology and the concepts behind it are new in the health & fitness industry. With more and more research being devoted to cold thermogenesis and its positive effects on brown fat activation, the demand for the Cool Fat Burner and Cool Gut Buster will only rise.

We know what you’re thinking…cooling the body (rather than heating it) to burn calories seems counter-intuitive. It is, when you consider the philosophy of archaic fitness advice. Sweating itself does not burn calories, it is merely your body’s natural response to being hot. Any weight lost due to sweat is water-weight, which will return once you hydrate following a traditional workout

The astounding impacts cold thermogenesis has on metabolism, insulin sensitivity, adiponectin levels and fat loss are backed by results in scientific research, 3rd party testing, and real-life experience.

With Cool Fat Burner, it’s not about how much weight you lose, but how much fat you lose! When most people follow traditional workouts and “lose weight” they are typically losing water and muscle weight. By activating fat burning tissue in a natural way, we are able to help you target trouble spots where fat has continued to accumulate, without negatively impacting muscle growth*.

No! Ab belts simply induce muscle shocks & spasms during use while explicitly not targeting fat. The Cool Fat Burner is designed to trigger your body’s natural processes which instinctively target and burn white fat while boosting specific hormone levels and your resting metabolic rate independent of diet and exercise.

The key is putting “cold” into context. The sensation of freezing during a snowstorm or while in an ice bath is fundamentally different from Cool Fat Burners cooling effects

Your fingers, toes, ears & nose have the most cold sensing nerves on your body. When those areas are cold, you feel cold. When those areas are warm, you feel warm. Cool Fat Burner and Cool Gut Buster focus their cooling on your ‘trunk” (torso) and your BAT (Brown Apidose Tissue) zones which keeps your most cold sensitive areas unengaged during the fat burning process.

We’ll replace all goods, for up to 1 year, if they are damaged due to problems, defects or failures. So, if something is broken or damaged just let us know and we will get your replacement(s) to you as soon as possible.

We understand that nickel-and-diming and price hikes are absolutely discouraging. We want to educate motivated folks about the fat burning effects of cold thermogenesis and the power of the Cool Fat Burner! We want you to see results!

We offer a full 110%, 60 day return policy. If you are not seeing results, you deserve to have every penny returned to your pocket. This is literally a no-risk investment!

Return the entire undamaged Cool Fat Burner™ and/or Cool Gut Buster™ (the thermal loading vests and all 4 gel-packs) within 60 days to:

Cool Fat Burner
PO Box 535
Hustontown, PA 17229

The 60 day window to return begins the day after you receive the Cool Fat Burner. We must receive it back by 60 days for an eligible return. Tracking and insurance recommended for convenience. (note: all returns will be opened in front of postal workers)

Include your name and address for faster processing.

We also recommend you email us with a heads-up at:  Sales @ CoolFatBurner.com to make us aware of your decision to return the product(s)

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